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Diamond Studs at Wholesale Prices

Buy direct from diamond cutters and jewelry manufacturers.

We specialize in high quality diamond stud earrings.

We custom match many diamond shapes and sizes.

We custom match GIA certified wholesale diamonds.

We offer free shipping and no-risk return policy.

You'll love our personal care and guidance.

Buy diamond studs at the lowest cost.


Stud Earrings

Large Diamond Studs - 2 carats Plus

Two Carat Plus Diamond Earrings

Round Studs - At least 2.00 carats total weight

1.01 carats each on average

Cost: $7,875


Princess Studs - 2.00 carats plus total weight

1.01 carats each on average

Cost: $6,250

1.5 Carat Rounds

1 Carats Diamond Earrings

At least 1.50 carats total weight 

0.76 carats each on average

Cost: $3,950


Light 1 Carats Diamond Earrings

At least 1.40 carats total weight 

0.71 carats each on average

Cost: $3,685

1 Carat Rounds

1 Carats Diamond Earrings

At least 1.20 carats total weight 

0.62 carats each on average

Cost: $2,985


Full Carat Diamond Earrings

At least 1.00 carat total weight 

0.52 carats each on average

Cost: $2,580

Princess Cut Studs

"Square" Cut Earrings

At least 1.00 carats total weight 

Light 1 carats total weight 

Cost from: $1,975

1/2 Carat Studs

Special Studs Order

to Light-Carat Total Weight

Your choice of diamond shape

Any quality to suit your taste and budget

Matching any size diamonds

Diamonds Loose

Loose Certified Diamonds

Gem Lab Certified
Huge Selection (Over 45,000)

About Diamond Studs...
Diamond earrings are the most desired diamond jewelry gift for special occasions and celebrations. Diamond studs are classic and versatile and embody the ideal birthday and anniversary gifts. You can purchase beautiful diamond studs directly from the source and have a stylish gift delivered to you or someone you would like to delight. Diamond solitaire earrings are available in your choice of gold or platinum and with any size diamonds.

About Our Commitment... is dedicated to providing quality earrings at the lowest possible price. We assure friendly and efficient service. We guarantee the lowest prices anywhere for the same quality diamond jewelry. Our goal is 100% satisfaction.

...They arrived!! They are beautiful. I have them on right now!
 Margie in NY

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